Covering the vessel’s entire life cycle – Our Services delivers the technical assistance that leads to optimal vessel performance and reliability. How? By providing expert problem solving, short and well organised docking periods and high quality maintenance and repairs.

The right skills for the job
Our own highly skilled service team works closely with our suppliers, which gives us access to any additional knowledge or experience that may be required. With our worldwide service network, we can deliver the right person for the job.

Our Services provides solutions for every possible field of expertise, including:

  • Technical Survey: diagnosis of required maintenance actions
  • Maintenance: Preventive and Corrective
  • Class Assistance: keeping your vessel class-certified


As well as building vessels at its own yards all over the world, we  able to support clients with vessel construction at a location of their choice via Royal Technical Cooperation (RTC).

RTC Customers can choose exactly what they need, whether it is only the vessel design under a licence, a full material package or a combination of the design, materials, shipbuilding assistance, advice and training. Furthermore, RTC can renovate or construct the yard facilities for the newbuild vessel. This highly flexible option results in a valuable transfer of technology and enables owners to enjoy our quality, combined with the convenience of local production. Advantages of having RTC as your shipbuilding partner include :

  • Proven designs from an extensive product range
  • Design flexibility to meet specific demands
  • Approach completely geared towards client preferences
  • Logistics of components adapted to building yard needs
  • Building assistance at all levels of the shipyard’s organisation, from welding up to higher management
  • Yard development to facilitate shipbuilding projects with RTC
  • Attractive financing options
  • RTC makes it possible to be a Damen customer, wherever you are in the world.

Through the license agreement the complete our portfolio is disclosed and clients can draw on reliable, proven designs that have evolved with feedback resulting from both construction and operation. If a design is not available off the shelf, a custom design can be made.

Material packages
For a oamen design, RTC can provide a complete material package ready for construction, but can also adjust the material package to the specific desires of the client. With Royal’s global network of suppliers, service centres and logistics expertise this can be key to the success of the project.

Building assistance
RTC can provide a broad scope of building assistance, ranging from construction up to management level if required. A dedicated site manager can oversee the building process and training for the local workforce can take place at a our yard or on-site as part of the project scope if the customer wishes.

Local construction
Of course, RTC can also build a complete vessel at a location of your choice, taking care of the entire project from start to delivery and after-sales service. In this case, it is necessary to gather information on the facilities at the construction site to make an inventory of all equipment and personnel that is needed for a successful project. RTC has a yard questionnaire available for this purpose. If desired, RTC can even help finding a suitable building location for your project.


Is about helping customers perform preventive maintenance in order to maximise vessel uptime and minimise operational costs. It is our many years of experience and knowledge gathered into one maintenance database.

Customers gain an overview of planned maintenance activities, resource allocation and maintenance history. It has everything our customers need: documentation of onboard systems, a ready-to-use maintenance plan and an integrated set of initial spares.

Improvements through feedback
By adding experience from our Field Service Engineers and valuable customer feedback to the system, we can constantly improve the database.

Modular extensions
Customers can extend the database to make it even more helpful. Covering the following:

  • Spare parts planning & purchase
  • Cost & budget reporting
  • Stock control


Parts Services offers competitive prices and efficient deliveries. Over the years we have built up strong purchasing power and a considerable supplier network. And thanks to our network of global service hubs, we can guarantee short response times. Our replenishment solutions mean that we can even get parts to you just before you need them.

Bespoke spare part packages
Depending on the level of maintenance required, Our Services has three standard spare parts packages on offer:

  • Organisational Level Spare parts package (OLS) (daily to monthly jobs)
  • Intermediate Level Spare parts package (ILS) (half year to annual jobs)
  • Depot Level Spare parts package (DLS) (2 and 5-year jobs and overhauls)
At Royal Advanced Fiber Shiprepair & Conversion, it’s all about ships – it’s what we do, it’s who we are. We repair them, we maintain them, we refit them and we convert them. We have an established global sales network that provides all our customers with dedicated contacts to help them with all their requirements.

Sourcing equipment and materials is not a problem with our worldwide network. We offer:

  • Complete initial survey
  • Realistic budget information
  • Comprehensive asset knowledge
  • In-house R&D
  • Engineering & Project supervision
  • Supply of all materials
  • All original drawings (in the case of Royal vessels)


Being active in the maritime industry demands continuous vessel reliability. Should you face an out of service situation, it is reassuring to know that 24/7 global support is available.

How do I get assistance?
Your first point of contact remains your dedicated our engineer. Additionally, for severe technical or safety issues, our 24/7 service number ensures you round the clock support. A our team of specialists is on stand-by to assist you until the problem is solved, to your full satisfaction.


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